hist1Late in the 1970’s 4 Kingston women got together to discuss the idea of a community house for downtown Kingston. A place where grass roots organizations, families and community groups could gather. A place where food could be prepared and shared, new skills could be learned and lively discussion could be encouraged. A place where costs could be kept low so all could be included.

On March 23 1981 a not-for-profit corporation was registered and before too long they found and purchased a 3 story brick house located at 99 York St. They donated the house to the community to be governed by a community board of directors and in May 1983, The Kingston Community House for Self Reliance opened.

Ever since then The Kingston Community House for Self Reliance has rented office space to community groups and has provided inexpensive meeting space to hundreds of community groups. Today approximately 600 people flow through the house each month.

hist2The board is committed to providing a safe space to meet the changing needs of our neighbourhood, and our town. A comfortable place with a big living room, a board room, an outdoor space for children, and a modern kitchen.

A place where all are welcome and respected.