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Kingston Community House at 99 York offers affordable rental spaces in 4 hour blocks. Rent our fully equipped kitchen, furnished living room, or lower floor board room for only $12, or the entire house for $30.


Our annual general meeting is taking place at the house (99 York Street) at 7:00pm on the 18th of November. Please come out to support the house, learn about and discuss the past year at the house, and elect this year’s board of directors.

A strong board makes a strong Community House. We are seeking persons interested in learning about the house, serving on committees and running for election to the board in Nov. 2019, with a particular need for someone to take on the role of treasurer. Learn more

1488054_871906072855304_6824377037615518160_nAbout the House

The Kingston Community House at 99 York is a not for profit organization providing safe inclusive meeting space for community groups and organizations. For thirty three years our house – your house — has been providing low-cost meeting space for hundreds of groups, allowing like-minded people to come together to learn from one another, to share resources and trade skills. Located in downtown Kingston, this welcoming facility operates 7 days a week, serving the Kingston community. We are operated by a volunteer board.

We believe that everyone has the capacity to take responsibility for themselves given the proper tools and encouragement. An integral part of the neighbourhood, a typical day could include a cooking class, a meditation group, a social justice movie and an autism support group. Tomorrow…an art class, English lessons and a 12 step program.

Please drop in and see the house, talk to our coordinator and see for yourself… a welcoming space for your group or organization!