About Us

We believe that all people have the capability to take responsibility for themselves given the proper tools and encouragement. Our objective is to provide a central space for community groups to come together to learn from one another, to support one another, to share resources and to trade skills.

We want this house to be an integral part of the neighbourhood, operated in a collective, cooperative manner, responding to the needs and desires of the membership, and the community we share. We want to provide a focus for individuals and groups who are willing to work together for a more self- reliant lifestyle, based not on consumer goods, but on enriching human relationships and communities. The house opened in 1983 and has been going strong for 33 years.

The Kingston Community House for Self Reliance is incorporated as a not-for-profit organization with charitable status. Each year, at our annual general meeting a board of directors is elected from our membership. Both groups and individuals can be members. The board operates with an executive of president, treasurer, and secretary. Committees work on budget & finance, fundraising, membership issues, outreach and operational contracts. The annual budget is $35-$40,000.