99 York needs a Treasurer for 2018-19!

Our wonderful treasurer of many years is stepping down at the end of the summer and we need somebody with the ability and willingness to take her place. We are hoping that somebody in our community will join the board this spring to allow time for training from the existing treasurer. No specific financial experience is required as she is willing to take the time to show you the ropes. We think that anybody with a basic understanding of accounting and an aptitude for administrative tasks could fill this position if given enough time to learn. Of course, someone with experience in this type of role would also be more than welcome!

The treasurer is fairly busy keeping an ongoing record of the house’s finances and making sure that all of our bills get paid.  She typically spends about 10 hours per month on various financial and administrative tasks, in addition to attending monthly board meetings. For more information about the role and its specific duties, please get in touch with our current treasurer by email at

Please share this information with anybody who cares about the house and might be interested in the position or willing to pass the word along. A reliable treasurer is absolutely essential for the future of the house and we are hoping to recruit somebody as soon as possible.

Thanks and happy spring!

The 99 York Community House Board


This year’s Domino Theatre Fundraiser will be on September 19, 2018. Please email if you would like to buy tickets early!


Thanks to the Community Foundation for Kingston & Area (CFKA), and the Stu and Ruth Barton Community Fund, we have been able to renew the second floor windows of the house. You can read more at  KCH Receives CFKA Grant for Window Renewal.