Winter 2018 Enewsletter

Dear KCH Members and Supporters,

It is time for our first update of 2018, and there is a lot happening around Kingston Community House. The goal of this letter is to reach out to the community that exists in and around KCH and keep you up to date on house news, as well as to keep the lines of communication open between our board and the KCH community.

2018 House Improvements

The biggest news is that our organization was able to obtain a significant grant from the Community Foundation of Kingston & Area (CFKA) to replace the second floor windows that face the street. These windows were badly in need of replacing to improve the energy efficiency and comfort in the house, and the best part is that thanks to the grant we were able to make the improvement while maintaining the historic facade of the building.
Great thanks to CFKA for their support and especially the Ruth & Stu Barton Grant fund. Thanks also to those supporters that made individual donations at the end of the year to help us to continue to maintain the house infrastructure. This include s all of those who attended or helped sell tickets to our Domino Theatre fundraiser in December.
It is important to note that we also had the very large tree around the house trimmed back for the winter, and considering the weather, it appears to have been a prudent decision. There are a number of maintenance projects that we hope to be able to address in the coming year(s), with the goal of improving the efficiency and comfort of the house – so please watch for those developments.

2018 Board Members

Thanks to everyone who attended our AGM at the end of 2017. We had a very positive turnout and selected 5 board members. However, we are looking for 2 additional board me
mbers, so if you are interested in joining our board, I would urge you to contact us and we can discuss the duties and how you can get involved.
Daniel Beals – President (
Louise Alexander – Secretary
Liz McIlwaine – Treasurer (
Stuart Layland – Maintenance Coordinator
Rachel Abs
Harold Pickering continues as our House Coordinator, and we thank him for his continued time and effort to take care of the house and help our members arrange their schedule and events.

2018 Fundraising and Membership Renewal

Like many nonprofit organizations, we are dependent on the dues and rental fees from our members. However, our current membership levels are not enough to sustain the operation of the house and that means that we need to reach out and ask for donations, as well as increase our membership.
If you have donated in the past or want to donate now, I am asking you to reach out to Liz McIlwaine at the email above. We can accept donations by cheque or through e-transfer and all donations of $10 or above are eligible for a charitable receipt.
Additionally, March is Membership Renewal Month and we will be pushing hard to renew memberships and grow for the future. I urge you to renew your membership as soon as possible and recruit a couple of friends and neighbours to become members. You can find membership information and forms at

Moving Forward in 2018

As we move forward in 2018, I would like to make myself accessible to you. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions and concerns about the house. You can also reach out to us through the following online options.
Twitter: @99YorkSt
All the best,
Daniel Beals
Kingston Community House at 99 York